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Our Events


Finnish movies have won awards!  We often hold a movie night featuring a film from Finland or about Finland.  Movies are in the English language or in Finnish with English subtitles.  Followed by coffee and pulla, of course!


Finland has a special affinity for music and boasts the world famous Sibelius academy.  We have hosted many acclaimed Finnish artists, introducing them to Ottawa and to Canada.  We have greatly appreciated the support we have had from both the Embassy of Finland to Canada and the Finland Society (Suomi Seura) to produce these wonderful concerts.


There are certain days which Finns celebrate around the world and there are special cultural traditions around some of the holidays that are shared with the world.  We always celebrate Joulu (Christmas).  We celebrate Vappu (April 30th), Finland's carnival-like take on International Labour Day. We have celebrated Juhannus, the Finnish midsummer, with a barbeque and an invitation to other Nordics to join us.  And there are other holidays we are keen to explore!


We typically round out our event calendar with some other social, educational, and/or cultural events.  We have had bowling tournaments which challenge the other Nordic countries.  We have had lectures on the Kalevala, Finland's iconic national epic.  We have had pulla baking classes.  And we have had trivia nights which test participants knowledge of Finland.  We also co-sponsor or support events with other Nordic organizations and withthe Embassy of Finland in Ottawa.

Upcoming Events

Joulujuhla 2019

Day:                 Tuesday, December 10th
Time:               7:00 PM to 10:00 PM
Place:              Das Lokal Restaurant
                         190 Dalhousie Street
Tickets:           We have negotiated a fixed prix menu for the evening ($42 excluding tax, gratuities, and drinks).                             Diners will be billed by the restaurant for their meals at the end of the evening.  You must register                           with CFF to attend.  Seating is limited.
Free parking in the lot and on the street.

Some of Our Past Events



We thank Board Member Tuulikki Bence-Brückler, who has been the inspiration and driving force behind our wonderful concerts.  A long-time director with CFF, in 2005 she introduced to the Board of Directors the idea of bringing Finnish musical artists to Ottawa.  She contacted their agents and negotiated the terms of the contracts.  Together with the artists, she built the concert programs.  Tuulikki also organized financial support for these concerts through arranging sponsorships and various fundraising efforts.  She has been responsible for the Ottawa and/or Canadian debut of several Finnish musicians and singers.  We are grateful to her for the tremendous Finnish talent she has brought to Ottawa through our organization.  Many of our concerts have been with the support of Suomi Seura (The Finland Society) and the Finnish Embassy in Canada.
Nordic Favourites, a concert in October 2017, was held jointly with the Canadian Nordic Society as part of our Finland 100 program and was produced by CFFmember Costa Kapsalis.

Classical Concert:  Kuusisto & Djokic

In Concert:  Topi Lehtipuu

Finland 100:  Nordic Favourites



Finland 100 Spring Concert

Women of the Kalevela

Spring Concert:  Saario & Koistinen


Event Galleries

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Through the Years....
Our Finland 100 Programs in Celebration of the Centenary of Finland
 2017 was a big year for Finland.  It had been 100 years ago that the Finns, after a long struggle, earned their independance.  Over the last 100 years, and through hard times, the Finnish people built a country to be proud of.  They face the next 100 years with the same courage and determination.  The Prime Minister's Office established a domestic and international centenary program called Finland 100 to celebrate.  CFF Ottawa was honoured to be part of that official program.  We partnered with The Finnish School of Ottawa (OSKU) and the Canadian Nordic Society in Ottawa to deliver a series of events named Finland 100 Ottawa.  Our contributory events included two concerts (Finland 100 Spring Concert and Nordic Favourites), a movie showing (Fire and Ice:  The Winter War of Finland and Russia), and special celebrataory additions to our Juhannus and Joulujuhla events.  We have provided below some photos of those events.


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